Sunday, December 2, 2012

our driveway

summer is long gone, but here are some random pictures i took in our front yard and 
on our walking trails. we did a lot of this during the summer/fall months. sidewalk chalk, 
bike rides, and walks to the park. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

carter turns two

my sweet baby hoo hoo turned two on october 5th.
look how big this baby girl is?!!!
we kept things super low key, and had her best friend, karmyn over for dinner and cake.
noel got to join us too!

 when our guests left, and we started a movie, carter fell asleep on noel. i think noel was happier than she was. happy birthday my sweet girl. i love you so much and you bring us so much joy. here's to many more fun birthdays ahead!

october instagrams

october was a good month and a bad month. i had found out that i was pregnant in september, so i was really sick this month. like puke my guts out everyday sick. i miscarried in november, so it was all kind of for nothing, but that's another story. we were devastated, and it was a really hard process, but we are okay and healing. while i was sick, we did a lot of this: 

laying outside in our backyard on blankets in the beautiful fall weather. 
it helped with the pukes {a little.} notice how my girls are still in jammies? 
yep, this is at the end of the day. sunggles in bed and on our front porch swing helped too.
i also baked a lot, so when i did feel like eating, i had the good stuff. 
reeses PB cookies---YUM.

other happenings included:
carter's birthday {more later}
crepes for conference
more noelie visits
husband's birthday
jacket weather and walks
1 festival with cotton candy
of course halloween {more later}

Monday, November 5, 2012

the boy turns 6- karate style

my first born child turned 6.
how did that happen?

kavi is such a sweet and caring boy. he loves his family so much and shows us with plenty of hugs, kisses, and cuddling. he knows how to make his momma happy by giving me a huge hug, and it melts my heart every time! this boy of mine is smart too. he loves school and comes home with so many facts.  his memory is sharp and he is very observant. 

we kept his birthday pretty simple. husband and i met him for lunch at school. he was ecstatic to see us and pass out brownies to his friends. after school, we took him to his second free karate class. there, he learned how to jab, cross, and kick. he also got to break a board in half with a kick. needless to say, he was in boy heaven. david and i loved the classes and wanted to sign him up so badly, but it was $130/month and we just couldn't afford it. he was such a stud though.

nana sent him a batman getup:


 and here's david trying it out. this picture makes me laugh so hard.
like father, like son.

happy birthday my sweet kavi boy!