Tuesday, June 28, 2011

happy sunday {vintage style}

please don't mind my laundry on the floor and unmade bed. oh, and the picture quality.

i picked this dress up at an antique store off the hwy between omaha and kansas city when i was pregnant with carter. it was only $20 and i love the beaded leaf collar.

love me a great deal. and the memory of antique shopping with my momma.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

grandma and grandpa

we were one lucky family to have had grandma and grandpa come visit us for 2.5 weeks.
our visits with them are slightly less adventurous since grandpa's stroke 10 months ago, but so fun nevertheless.
kavi absolutely LOVES his grandpa.

there was lots of books read by grandma,
 good food, playing, and plenty of lounging around.

grandpa was great about doing his daily walking therapy through the neighborhood. the boy always wanted to follow him. grandpa is slow, but he does WALK, which i think is a miracle. his progress has been inspiring to watch even amidst his setbacks. this man has been through so much in his hard life, and this by far is the hardest trial. recovering from his stroke is the least of his worries right now. he is suffering from severe debilitating headaches. it breaks my heart to see him suffer and the doctors can't figure them out. even though he was in pain, he loved my children while he was here and tried to soak up every second. he is an amazing grandpa and father and i'm so blessed to know him.

thanks for coming to visit us grandma and grandpa.
we love you so much.

Monday, June 13, 2011

kelly & buddy's quilt

my bestie kelly got married.
she married a boy we played water polo with in high school.
they didn't keep in touch over the years, but reconnected after college.
how adorable is that?
i love buddy. he is a good man and treats kelly so well.
i knew kelly would love the quilt, but i didn't expect buddy to be so appreciative.
because, you know, guys usually don't care about that stuff. he loved it.

i bought this pattern. i knew i wanted to use my orla kiely duvet cover for the backing, so i pulled colors from that and it turned out so similar to the pattern i followed. didn't mean to, but it happened.

this quilt was super fun to make and really special to me because of the people it was for.
congrats to kelly and buddy,
i love you both!

coming home

i walked down the stairs of the small airplane onto santa barbara ground. it felt like home.
back to my california roots. back to highschool. back to the same small airport where my brother came home from his mission from argentina.

 i flew in on thursday for a long weekend for kelly's wedding. and long it was. it was busy and joyous and fun and beautiful and full of old friends, but also full of severe jet lag, nausea, and headaches for me.
the independence from my children and household duties wasn't  a glorified as i thought it would be.

the wedding was perfect. simply perfect. more on the spectacular day later.
after all the fun was had, i got right back on the small airplane and traveled 14 hours overnight back to georgia. this time, when i got off the plane, it WAS home.
and it wasn't the wind, or the memories, or the beautiful ocean that made it home.
it was these three little faces waiting for me.

three little faces taken care of so well by my humble & loving husband.
a father who isn't afraid to take on my motherly duties and nourish these little lives while i'm away.

thank you habibi.