Monday, November 29, 2010

how fly is shutterfly?

i'm a huge fan of christmas cards.
especially one's with family photos. it's always so nice to see my favorite families and how they've grown over the past year. although it doesn't happen every year, i do try to send out a family picture of my little growing family to old friends and distant family. 
there's just something about getting this kind of mail.

there are dozens of sites that offer photo christmas cards, but i am really impressed by
their selection is amazing, prices: reasonable, and it's so easy to use!
you just pick one of there gazzillion cute photo cards, and upload your pictures.
done and done.

here are some of my favorite templates:

aren't these fun?
i like they they have traditional ones and unique ones as well.
find about 800 more choices HERE.

they also offer other things such as calendars.
my friend just ordered 2011 calendars for her mom and MIL filled with pictures of her kids.
such a great and easy christmas gift for grandparents!

shutterfly also offers cute baby announcements, birthday invites, etc..

why else do i love shutterfly? 
they are giving away 50 free photocards to bloggers!
check out this amazing promotion HERE.

go shutterfly!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

saturday night thoughts

~only 13 days until we blow this joint. our pod is 1/4 packed and there is so much more to do.

~before the move, we still have 2 visitors! noel comes on wed and molly a couple days later! woo hoo!

~we've been packing a lot this weekend, but all i want to do is puzzles! is that nerdy or what? give me 1000 piece puzzle and some pretzel m&m's, and i'm in heaven.

~speaking of heaven, this little girl is it:

she's growing cuter each day and it makes me want to burst inside. each time 
those brown eyes stare at me, i melt with love.


~ our family photos are up! find them here: she's uh-mazing. 
an amazing photographer and an amazing woman!

~ i'm watching CNN heroes. an awards show for real heroes. bawling my eyes out 
for good people who do good things.

~ so grateful for a thanksgiving meal with warm friends.
so grateful for my life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


our short stay in lompoc wouldn't have been the same without 
our great hostess and host!
we all know kelly is my bff, but i'm loving her fiance more and more too!
buddy was so sweet with my children and they loved him!
whenever they visit us or visa versa, they come bearing gifts for the kids.

after visiting bravos, they took us walking around la purisima mission:

 carter and daddy. boy, does my man need new glasses!

of course, i had to drive by my old house in stonebrooke:

and here are some of kelly's shots.
kind of a sneak peak of our family photo shoot!

told you he was adorable with my kids!

Monday, November 22, 2010


once upon a time, i worked in a tiny pizza shop.
i was a freshman in high school and it was my first job.
and my favorite job ever!
the owner, my boss, was a sweet old french man with a slight temper.
i loved him and all my co-workers.
i made gourmet pizza and bread sticks drenched in butter and parmesan.
it was the best pizza in town.
as soon as i got my drivers license, i delivered these pizzas all over town.
i zoomed up and down the streets of lompoc in my white honda civic.
i was good.
like, really good.
my best friend got a job with me, and i dated one of my co-workers.
it was the best. we all had a blast and would stay late, or hang out afterwards.
plus, i made so much money; enough to enjoy high school  shopping sprees and save money for europe.

last weekend, i went back to my old stomping grounds to show off my cute family.
i hadn't been there in 6 years. 
it's exactly the same
and so was my boss, andre.
andre greeted me with a huge hug and just adored my children.
he helped them make their own bread sticks and fed us till we were stuffed.

 my little chefs:

i'm still a pro!

 paisley, me, andre, david, & kavi. carter not pictured

i have such good memories from this place and all the people there. 
it was a blast to visit again with david and my kiddos.
i'll always be thankful for bravos pizza!

Friday, November 19, 2010

cora's quilt

my first niece ever has turned 8 years old.
that means that she's getting baptized tomorrow.
cora is such a beautiful, sweet, smart, and sassy girl.
one that i hope my daughters can grow up to be like.

her baptism quilt arrived to texas on perfect timing, the day before the big event.
after some secret investigating, i found out her favorite colors;
light pink, hot pink, purple, and light blue.
so here's my interpretation of miss cora and her favorite colors:

there had to be ruffles for this girly girl!
i {very loosely} followed this tutorial.
of course i see flaws and things i would have done differently, 
but overall i am pleased with the outcome and hope cora is too.

 some darling models to try it out:

 and i couldn't resist throwing this picture in of my precious angel of love!
(for you, noel)

congratulations my dear cora bella! i love you SO much!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

point lobos

over the long weekend, we took the kids to 
point lobos state natural reserve to go hiking.
absolutely gorgeous views!

i look like a goober in both these family pics, but everyone else looks cute:

our neighbors, the binghams

 check out those lusious green mountains in the background and the choppy blue water. 
i really will miss monterey/carmel. there's just nothing like california.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

brushing off the cobwebs

i went to an aerobics class yesterday.
ya know, just to make sure my body still works after having another baby.

i'm proud to report that it does.

i only had a few drop of pee in my undies after...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the big move

our time here in monterey is sadly coming to an end.
however, we are super excited about our upcoming move.
we are starting to pack up our belongings and are leaving next month to move to...


i've never even been to the east coast, let alone lived there, so it'll definitley be an adventure for sure.
one that we are looking forward to.
can you believe that we have to drive from coast to coast?
with 3 kids?

Friday, November 5, 2010

carter 1 month

how did a month already fly by?
this chunker girl is over 10 lbs and just too yummy for words.
i want to eat her. does anyone else get these same feelings about their offspring?

 and in case you're wondering how having three kids is?
here's what my day is like:
not only feeding, burping, changing, and comforting the new babe, but also protecting her from the older two. 3 has definitely swallowed up any spare time i ever had.