Monday, March 28, 2011

happy sunday and a letter to my little miss

paisley bear is starting to be my only willing participant in our 
"happy sunday" photo series.
she is my mini me and i adore pretty much every move she makes.

her dress is too small and those tights just about kill me
whenever she chooses to wear them.
i, on the other hand am not going to a funeral, although it looks like it.

and now a short note to my dear, sweet, baby girl:

my paisy girl,
i've been watching you close lately. you are so delicate one minute, then growl at me another like a little gremlin. somehow, it's super endearing. i love your attention to detail, your overwhelming love for your little sister, and how much you worship your older brother. you have such a love for music, especially at church and preschool. i've been starting to worry about you being the middle child. i don't want you to feel forgotten or left behind the spotlight. sometimes your shyness or delicateness leaves you standing behind your brother, but you are your own ball of fire, girl! i love you so much and want you to know the potential i see in your future my paisley girl.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

her new do

what do you think of carter baby's new do?
she no longer looks like a cancer patient as her hair is growing in pretty evenly.
my poor baby girl has been sick.
no ear infection,
no temp,
just way congested and pretty miserable.

we still can't get a good read of who she is taking after.
i hear half and half that she looks like me/david.
the other two are easy; the girl looks like me and the boy like the mister.
who do you think she looks like?

either way, she's a chunker and and i can't get enough of her fat cheeks, 
big eyes, and baby breath.

two happy sundays

 dress: thrifted and hem revamped
pin: gifted from sister


 carter's dress: garage sale janie and jack
leggings: gifted from mom, garage sale i'm sure
headband: made with felt and buttons

 this sunday:
skirt: thrifted
shirt: forever 21
ruffle sweater: tj maxx
boots: sears
cute girl in the corner: made by me

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

carter 5 months with a sibling photo shoot

little miss carter's 5 month photo shoot
 turned into some slobbery sibling love.
scroll down as the pictures
just get cuter

she's gorgeous, even with a chocolate face.

Friday, March 4, 2011

going ons

i don't know if it was having a newborn,
the holidays.
traveling for a month, 
moving across the country,
or setting up house here,
but i have been a horrible blogger.
i really think it was the third child that did me in.

here's a little catch up:

playing chutes and ladders for family night.

 carter rolled over for the first time. 

started a new furniture project.
i'm currently sanding down 4 dining chairs and
a china cabinet that i purchased on craigslist for $200.

i couldn't handle carter's hair anymore.
it was thinning, and balding, and stringy.
some people may call me a bad mom, but i don't care.
it had to go, so i shaved her head.
fo real.


 she's a pretty cute bald baby, eh?

oh and lastly, we are buying our first home!
ahhhhh! more on that when things are finalized.
so excited!