Saturday, August 27, 2011

the boy's nightmare

after david sung kavi his goodnight song, i cuddled up in bed with my boy and talked to him. we talked about his friends, his most recent owie and he asked for a story. i told him one from my childhood of how i got my first stitches. i love this time with my boy. he is so sweet when i just sit down and listen to his little life. his perspective is so precious to me.

he then told me about a nightmare he had last night. with the most serious face, this is what he said:" daddy sent a robot into the bathroom to save carter. but there was an invisible man in there who shot something onto the wall, and the toilet was fired. then the invisible man shot daddy. but he was okay."

tears ran down my face as i listened to my boy. what an innocent imagination he holds. i love him so much and am so grateful to be his mom. i told him this after we closed our eyes to pray that he would have good dreams tonight. and i know he will.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the morgans

ah, the joys of military life! earlier this week we had to say goodbye to another great family that we've become really close with. i hate this part of the military. jed and lyla are two of my kid's bestest friends ever. they all just adore eachother! look how silly they can get:

and diane, oh my! who wouldn't love this spicy red-headed super mom of four kids. 
she's non-stop, that girl. and i love her.

and then there's our nerdy husbands. i love them too.

goodbye morgans, you'll be missed so much!
recognize this red-headed family from this post?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

carter 10 months

my little baby hoo hoo is getting so big and with that, more smiles and some steps!
she was a little slow to start standing on her own, but she's gaining some ground now.

isn't this dress precious? i found it at a thrift store and it's hand embroidered with
 these cute little indian people. i love those one of a kind finds!

also new this month? after her two bottom teeth came in last month,
her FOUR top teeth are making there way out. poor baby has been pretty miserable.
but she's still just so sweet and cuddly and we are all so enamored by her.