Monday, April 25, 2011


paisley has a new best friend.
her name is lyla and she has red curls.
she has three brothers with red hair too.
and two parents that they all get it from.

lyla turned 3 and had a pony party.
these four kids just crack me up together.
look at how much fun they had:

isn't this property beautiful? it's on base and has stables, playgrounds, picnic areas, and even teather poles! hopefully we'll be spending more time up there in the future.
happy birthday sweet lyla!

Friday, April 22, 2011

our first home

we closed on our house today!
as in, like, 4 hours ago!
i can't believe it really happened.
i feel so blessed and grateful for my husband to have a stable job and income.
signing paperwork at closing kind of stressed me out with all the numbers,
but i have calmed down now and am ready to enjoy our first place.

here we are today out front:

these are pictures i took last month before they painted the inside.
it's totally different with my colors on the walls.
i'm sure it'll be a while till i get all unpacked and ready to post photos.

when we first moved to georgia, we decided to rent for the first year to get to know the area and such, but we found a neighborhood that we absolutely loved! one day we decided to just look at the houses. we walked through 5 or so with the realtor on site and when we walked into this one, david and i both felt so good about it. it was weird, we both knew it was "our" house. i've never had that feeling before. we loved it and we didn't want to look anymore.  i still didn't think we'd get it though. it was a little out of our price range, and we were still locked into our rental agreement. with a lot of hard work
(mostly from david) we were able to find new renters, and crunch the numbers to buy our first home. we got an amazing deal with TONS of incentives, including me picking 5 paint colors of my choice! also, we were able to move in 2 weeks before the closing date since we had found renters to take over our lease. ah-mazing! we have some great friends around the corner and others in the neighborhood as well.

i'm so happy and am just full of gratitude!

now, anyone wanna come visit us?

carter 6 months

this sweet baby turned 6 months on april 5th.
life has been so crazy around here that we hardly noticed.

but we have noticed how cute she is!
everyday those sweet cheeks and big brown eyes greet me with the most delicious grin.
oh, i could eat her!

and carter baby is sitting up now!
she prefers this position the most, especially with a toy in her hands 
that she can explore and slobber on.

cruz/noel visit

let's start from the beginning of my slacking:
aunt noelie and jennifer drove a brood full of cousins in a mini-van from texas to georgia 
to visit us mid-march.

i barely took any pictures.
but we had a blast, like always.
shopping, eating, cooking, playgrounds, and a children's museum.
half way through the trip, noel flew home and uncle carlos flew in.

look how big miss cora belen is getting:
she's even taking violin lessons and practiced at my house like a good girl should. 

isn't she gorgeous?
and poised?

love this picture of the two of them.

a couple children's museum shots:

i love the adventures of traveling with the military,
but oh, how i miss my texas days with my sisters!
they truly were the best.
there's nothing like family.
especially two of the best seesters a girl could ask for.

thanks for visiting us!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

please excuse my absence

we've been busy around here.
with things such as:

cousins visiting from texas:

more guests from monterey:

old friends here for the masters:

growing babies:

and moving:

can't wait to catch up soon
and show you around our new home!