Thursday, May 31, 2012

marine mud run 2012

marine mud run.
tradition from now on out.
i did it last year with some girlfriends, but this year i did it with husband.
so. much. fun.
this year, kavi did the kid run with his buddies.
the kid run is 1 mile and the adult run is 5 miles.
here are a couple before and after pictures:

i was so proud of kavi. he wasn't scared at all and totally kept up with kade, the oldest.
for days afterward, he kept asking to do it again. he had a blast!

after the kid run, we dropped nana and the kids off at home and picked up nate and chelsea.
we only got a couple pictures and none of the obstacles, but you can imagine what we went through by the looks of the after picture. i think there was 19 obstacles and a couple of them involved marines spraying you with a fire house and tons of mud.

it was so much fun with chelsea and nate. they were rockstars. we're lucky to have such good friends and healthy bodies to do fun things like this.

when momma comes to town

we were so excited when nana decided to come to visit us for the whole month of may.
i feel so fortunate to have a mom who has the time and means to come visit us for that long. (and who actually wants to:))

 nana's room all ready for her to come and stay

there was plenty of cuddling, mostly with paisley.
i think her and nana have a special bond since we lived with her when paisley was tiny.

every weekend was jam packed while she was here.
1st weekend: craft fair with jayme (total bust by the way)
2nd weekend: marine mud run (i'll post about later)
3rd weekend: paisley's birthday party
4th weekend: trip up to virginia beach (post coming)

~there was tons of rain while she was here.
~she let david and i go out on a couple dates.
~she helped me buy and plant tons of flowers for my front yard.
~david made us pancakes for dinner on mother's day 
(and also watched the kids for a whole day while we went antiquing in columbia)

~ she read tons of books with the kids and put a craft box together for them
~ more cuddling
~ paisley had her birthday 
(she's sleeping with her present from grandma and grandpa pruett)
~and kavi graduated from pre-K

 K loved his teacher, ms. lori and had such a great year. she had nothing but great things to say about my boy and i am so proud of how well he thrived during his first year of school. on to kindergarten! 

we had a really busy month of may and i can't say enough how much we loved nana being here and all she did for us. she was so helpful, fun, and just a joy to be around. not to mention how much she spoiled us! i am so lucky to have a mom like her. thanks mom for all you do for me and how much you love on my kids!

april in instagrams

Monday, May 21, 2012

she turned four---pony party style

my sweet paisley noel turned 4. i can't believe it. i remember when she was born and i couldn't get enough of her. she was the most beautiful baby i had ever seen and her hair was out of control gorgeous. her birth is one of my favorite memories of my life and she continues to enamor me everyday. 

this year, i actually felt like throwing her a real party.
riding ponies it was and she had been so excited for weeks.
here are the invites we came up with:

tragically, the night before the party. i woke up at 3am with what i think was the flu. throwing up all night and morning. husband gave me a blessing and i prayed i could make it to the party. the anxiety of having someone else to run it after all my preparations was killing me!

luckily, no miraculously, i was able to pull myself together 
and i felt decent throughout the party. luckily, my mom is here to visit and she and husband helped SOOO much. thanks nana!

i made award ribbons and party hats for each of the kids:

the party was at the riding stables on base and the place was perfect! its a huge area with tons of trees, picnic tables, and a few playgrounds so the kids could play while waiting for pony rides.
all i needed was a few simple decorations:

lunch consisted of chick-fil-a nuggets, fruit, and chips.
all the kids ran around the playground, then ate, and took turns riding one of the two ponies we had.

the birthday girl

                                   lucas and kavi ::  carter baby was kind of a pill

dreamy dmitri 


brody and bridger

paisley possibly could have been more excited about the cupcakes
than anything else. she's definitely got my sweet tooth.

sweet girls: ava & ashlyn 

my beautiful 4 year old. 

i love my paisley bear so much. she is so generous and loving towards her brother and sister. this girl knows what she wants at all times. she doesn't like to get dirty and is very delicate with her toys. she's a picky eater and loves baths. she's frugal with her kisses, but generous with her cuddles. she is sensitive and sassy. and i love her so.