Monday, February 28, 2011

fabric surge

i've got a lot of quilts planned out.
oh man, it gets me all excited.
one of the best parts is ordering the fabric.
look at all this yumminess:

 if only i could just have 2 days to do nothing but quilt.
too bad i don't.

happy sunday

            brother kisses her.                              she wipes it off and he spits it out.

 i made this necklace from a couple of old shirts i was about to give to goodwill.
here's the tutorial. super easy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


i was cooking dinner.
the mister was cleaning the van.
i looked through the front window and saw these two.
no bra, no shoes, & in pjs, i grabbed my camera and practically let dinner burn
to capture these innocent little faces.
dirt, flowers, weeds, grass, and rocks.
that's all they needed to entertain themselves.

it pleased my heart so.
to see them dig in the earth and be creative with it.
these may be some of my favorite pictures i've ever taken:

ps. i hate those spiderman shoes of his.

another valentine fiasco

although my boy was trying to be creative and loving towards me, 
him putting these valentine stickers on my kitchen cupboards,
was not a good idea.

he told me that it was a "surprise" for me.

exhibit A: hearty valentines on my cupboards:

exhibit B: trying to remove the stickers:

exhibit C: my lifesaver, GOO GONE:

 exhibit D: goo gone in action:

it's a miracle.

and goo gone should pay me to advertise for them, seriously.

thanks jessica!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

felty valentine things

here are just a couple valentine wreaths that i made and took to a local
craft emporium to sell. these are fun to make while watching tv with the mister at night.
i'm finding it harder and harder to just sit and watch tv without getting something
accomplished with my hands.
is that a good thing or bad thing?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

for lovers

i got asked to help plan a valentines party for my new ward. 

a. loved doing it.
b. loved meeting new friends even more.

i made the decos.
cheap way to make a big statement?
paper fans
and shredded newspaper in mason jars
for table toppers.
easy peasy.

there was good food, fabulous people, a fun game, AND a candy bar.
candy and cupcakes galore. what's a better dessert than that?


these pics were taken after the photo "booth" 
and decorations were taken down:

i'm loving this time of year
and this party was a fun way to celebrate it.