Tuesday, October 11, 2011

home tour: living room

man, did (and do) i have a hard time with my living room.
it's huge, with an opening to the kitchen, and only one big wall really.
so it posed a huge challenge. 

this is the view from the front door.
as soon as you walk in the house, the living room is straight ahead.

to the right of this is the kitchen and dining area and to the left, 
is the guest bedroom, bathroom, and door to the garage.

some subtle halloween decorations on the mantle.
branches spray painted black with cobwebs and orange & black trim that i sewed together.

this is the only blank wall in the living room. the husband didn't want anything hung 
on his precious TV wall... so boring! so i just finished stenciling some
 "wallpaper". he'll eventually mount the TV on the wall.

i followed this tutorial and loved it!
mine came out completely different. it has so many flaws,
 but hopefully it's just me who notices them:)
it really wasn't a hard project, just took a steady hand. 
i would recommend it to anyone!

i had a hard time figuring out the placement of my couches. one was originally against the window, and the other was back up against the kitchen's low wall, but bringing them in, made the room feel so much comfier.  i really DON'T love my couches, but they are still in great condition and super comfy, so i can't complain. 

and there you have it. now that i look over these pictures, i feel like i need more color in there! i'm opposite of most people who shy away from color, i want it everywhere! we'll see if i can incorporate it more into this room without  overdoing it. maybe pillows?


Brittny Pruett said...

How about a rug?

Variable said...

I also think colored pillows with a pattern would definitely spruce things up but it looks really good! I like how those couches are worn they look so comfy!

Cassandra said...

I love how your stenciling project turned out! I might have to try that one on a future project.
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