Friday, August 24, 2012

aunt jackie

the beginning of august involved a trip to atlanta to visit aunt jackie.
atlanta is only 3 hours away and jackie, her boyfriend todd, and their little girl, scarlett were visiting todd's family. they flew in all the way from utah. we knew we couldn't pass up an
 opportunity to meet our new sweet niece! 

we met up at the coke factory and sampled all kinds of nasty soda.

 look how sweet baby scarlett is! she is the cutest, 
best behaved baby girl. and she's got her mommy & daddy wrapped around her little finger.

uncle david was just a little smitten too:

after the coke factory, we went to lunch and then to get some frozen yogurt.
the kids were happy and so was i. catching up with jackie was the best. seeing her as a mother was so amazing. it truly is what she was meant to be. she is so comfortable and happy with that cute baby girl.

i'm so glad we took the opportunity to go see them. 
i love david's family and miss them so much.