Wednesday, December 28, 2011

scenes of a pruett christmas

new park in the neighborhood. 12.22

grandma and grandpa cruise the trails.

christmas eve jammies.

christmas morning after church, right before presents.

grandmas's famous grilled cheezers for lunch while opening presents.

christmas adorn:

season's greetings

 christmas dinner

no matter our trials, we are SOOOO blessed.
merry CHRISTmas.

guest dresser

so our guest room needed a little help. i've had a vision since we first moved into this house, but not the funds if you know what i mean. i matched the wall color to compliment this amy butler wallpaper that i'm in love with. it will cover one wall behind the bed when i can afford it.

meanwhile, i needed a dresser. after a couple months of craigslist scowering and garage sale sifting, i finally found one with some great lines. and the best part? 20 dolla-make-you-holla!!!
i found it at a garage sale and it definitely needed some love.

i knew i needed to keep it simple since the wallpaper will be pretty bold and that paint color turned out a little bright for my taste. so i just went with a dark grey and sprayed the hardware white. big difference, huh? like i said, i LOVE the lines of this beauty.

next up? some white bedding, black frames, and wallpaper!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

random photos catch up

since i've been such a slacker blogger the past couple months, i thought i'd post my favorite photos from november and december. most of them are from my phone.

p helping mommy dust the stairs

k baking cookies with his pet from school.
this was a project he was sent home with.

winter fuchsia tights.

carter baby getting into my succulents.

another school project for k. making indian hats.

my new favorite meal. stuffed spaghetti squash.
this recipe is loaded with veggies and is a total food-O!

breakfast during thanksgiving weekend with noel and jennie.

aunt noelie with her angel's of love!

my sailor loading up our free christmas tree from "trees for troops."

my girls.

precious p baby napping with me in my bed.

the kids' tree. i let them have total control over decorating it.
(except for the lights.)

paisley's new skinny jeans from nana.

christmas 2011

yeah, i've been a huge slacker this month. but at least i sent out christmas cards, right?
doesn't matter that they were cheap kind and had to half my usual list of recipients does it?
our christmas was great; full of love and i think the two oldest are finally understanding what christmas is really about. yay for that. more pics to come...

Monday, December 5, 2011

holiday traditions

it's about time we start some holiday traditions around here.
our first order of business?
our first annual daddy daughter date to the nutcracker ballet.
paisley was so excited to get all dolled up for her daddy and spend an evening alone with him.
she chose her dress, sweater, shoes, and even some of mommy's jewelry.
there's nothing like seeing a father take his baby girl on a special date night...

the husband reported that miss p loved the first half, but lost interest 
in the second half of the play. maybe 3 years old is too early? either way, 
i know she felt special and that's what we were going for. until next year...

Friday, December 2, 2011

madison inn- our veterens day getaway

yes, i've been a major blogger slacker.
so much has been going on and by the time my kids are in bed, i'm too exhausted to even blog.

here's to playing catch up!
back in november, the husband and i took advantage of an amazing veteran's day offer. for a couple years now, bed and breakfasts around the nation are celebrating the holiday by offering a free nights stay  to veterans. they booked up fast, but i was luckily able to reserve us a spot in a small town called Madison. the innkeeper was so sweet on the phone and automatically made me feel comfortable.

here's the website for the inn we stayed at.
our good friends watched our kids for the night, and we drove 1.5 hours to get to this quaint inn.
we loved the manager of the place! she was just so warm and friendly.

here's our room when we checked in that night:

david got a free prime rib at a local restaurant and then we cuddled in our cozy room with no kids!!
we woke up to this beautiful light streaming through our windows:

breakfast was at 8:00 downstairs. i love this old craftsman home:

breakfast was ah-mazing. she started us off with a baked pear 
stuffed with walnuts, cranberries, and marmalade:

then she brought out home style hash browns, ham, a biscuit, 
and a souffle in the adorable chicken dish.

we were able to meet the two other couples that were staying there.
both were veterans as well. the older man served in vietnam and lost his leg after being at war for 11 months! it was so interesting to chat with all of them over breakfast.

here's the front of the house:

after we checked out, we spent the afternoon exploring the small town.
there were cute shops like this one:

with cute unique things like this sign and ornaments:

and the fall colors, oh my! look at these gorgeous trees!

i feel so lucky to have a husband serving our country. we haven't had to sacrifice too much yet, but the blessings are numerous. some people complain about life in the military, but i feel grateful to have a steady income in this crazy economy and to have the perks of health insurance. i feel even more gratitude for the men and women who are deployed and away from their families. and for the people who have served before us. we are free because of them.