Monday, October 31, 2011

halloweenie 2011

this halloween, we went super simple.
no coordinating outfits like this year,
no handmade costumes like this year,

BUT we still had 3 happy and cute kids!
kavi as a monkey (same as last year)
paisley as snow white
carter as spider girl?

i love how paisley is looking at kavi in this picture.
can you tell she idolizes him?

we did the usual.
trunk or treat at church on friday
and our neighborhood trick or treating tonight.
paisley was way into it this year and was so proud of herself every time she said thank you after receiving candy! carter stayed happy in the stroller as long as she had a sucker. and of course the boy was in candy heaven as well. hope your halloween was just as happy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

brown-eyed girl

carter has figured out my cell phone. she's thirteen months and pretty much knows how to use it as well as me. okay, maybe not quite as well, but she's getting it. this sweet baby makes me and the mister gush with love everyday. when she looks up at us with those big brown eyes of her, we both just melt. especially david. i can't say enough how grateful i am for these healthy, beautiful children of mine.

i know i take them for granted when i'm busy complaining about the whining or messes, but i'm trying to remind myself more and more that each day with my little family is a gift...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

yellow s

I know it's cliche, but it was inevitable for me. I've started a small photography business. (If you can call it a business.) I'm mostly just taking pictures of my pretty friends trying to get some practice in. I kind of love it. Go peek at my tiny portfolio and follow my blog if you're interested. Thanks peeps!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

home tour: living room

man, did (and do) i have a hard time with my living room.
it's huge, with an opening to the kitchen, and only one big wall really.
so it posed a huge challenge. 

this is the view from the front door.
as soon as you walk in the house, the living room is straight ahead.

to the right of this is the kitchen and dining area and to the left, 
is the guest bedroom, bathroom, and door to the garage.

some subtle halloween decorations on the mantle.
branches spray painted black with cobwebs and orange & black trim that i sewed together.

this is the only blank wall in the living room. the husband didn't want anything hung 
on his precious TV wall... so boring! so i just finished stenciling some
 "wallpaper". he'll eventually mount the TV on the wall.

i followed this tutorial and loved it!
mine came out completely different. it has so many flaws,
 but hopefully it's just me who notices them:)
it really wasn't a hard project, just took a steady hand. 
i would recommend it to anyone!

i had a hard time figuring out the placement of my couches. one was originally against the window, and the other was back up against the kitchen's low wall, but bringing them in, made the room feel so much comfier.  i really DON'T love my couches, but they are still in great condition and super comfy, so i can't complain. 

and there you have it. now that i look over these pictures, i feel like i need more color in there! i'm opposite of most people who shy away from color, i want it everywhere! we'll see if i can incorporate it more into this room without  overdoing it. maybe pillows?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

carter 1 year in pictures

look how big my baby girl is.

and now from the beginning:

 1 month

 2 months

 3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months 

7 months 

9 months 

10 months

12 months

so i totally skipped months 8 & 10. ooops. bad mom! 
and month 11 was not on the measuring mat.
bad mom again!
so fun to watch this baby grow!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

carter baby's birthday

it happened. she turned 1.
we now have all odd numbers in our home.
5 year old, 3 year old, and now a 1 year old.

last night was super low key.
we had just a couple friend over to share cupcakes with.
the carter baby wasn't feeling too hot, so she was pretty quiet
and couldn't care less about her candle or cupcake.

we finally got her to taste a little frosting,
but she was more interested in eating the cupcake liner!

 my sweet little girl just wanted to cuddle her daddy.

she got this new outfit in the mail from nana and some toys from grandma and grandpa pruett.
we sure feel blessed to have this sweet little soul in our family.
carter's  personality is more serious, but she is all smiles when daddy walks through the door.
she is 100% a daddy's girl!
carter is working on her eighth tooth and her first words so far are "applesauce" and "no"!