Wednesday, June 30, 2010

family night at the beach

grandma and grandpa accompanied us to the beach
for family night on monday.
burying the boy:

then burying grandma;
turning them into mermaid/merman:

the david's worked on a sand castle:

the boy did yoga in the ocean:

still working on the sand castle:

paisley had boogers:

finally finished the sand castle/fortress:

started a fire:

made smores:

and finally for ANNE, the triple chin shot...

okay, it might not be a triple chin, but it all went to my cheeks:

did i spell triple wrong?

Monday, June 28, 2010

a boy and his cape

this is kavi and his daddy.
with both of their childhood capes.

can you tell which is older?

they are superheroes.

they are my heroes.

these two have the same love for movies, the same imagination, the same quirkiness, etc...
they are spitting images of eachother.
 i love it.

26 weeks

i officially have a triple chin.

and sciatica like you wouldn't believe.

Friday, June 25, 2010

father's day and a tie

this is a boy and his dad.
they are spitting images of eachother.
physically and personality-wise.
 father's day 2010

they are MY boys.

i wanted to show off the boy's new tie.
i won it from my talented blogger friends giveaway and i am in love!

jessica makes these fabulous ties and you can find them in her shop.
(along with some feminine goodies)
well made and fun fabric.

thanks jessica!
i have to resist putting it on my son EVERY sunday!

i hope this handsome boy will grow up to be as great of a father as he has!

Monday, June 21, 2010

project #3 down- armoir

this is our armoir.
it was the first peice of furniture that the mister and i purchased together.
more than 5 years ago, while we were engaged.
500 buckaroos at a garage sale.
it's beautiful and classic and i love it.
but i needed some more color in my life.

i thought about 

cherry red
but decided on

mustard yellow 

during the process...

ta da! ka-pow!
everyone could use a little more yellow in their life right?
now if only those walls weren't so stark white!
ooooh, and don't get me started on that speaker peeking on the side...
drives me nuts!

project # 2 down- beach quilt

 remember this quilt that i started a couple months ago?

well, it's finally finished.
and it's totally ghetto!
i used all vintage sheets/pillowcases from the thrift store. loved that part. but since it was just going to be a picnic/beach blanket, i decided to try to quilt it myself. i don't know how people do this! it turned out awful, even more so than this one, that i also quilted myself.
lesson learned.
no more machine quilting for me until i get a pimp daddy machine.

i do love the backing fabric though:
ugh, i can barely look at it...all that puckering!
i'll get over it though, since it's just a play quilt for the outdoors.

i WILL get over it.

project #1 down- kind of

another yellow zig zag on it's way to the quilters

i don't know where this one is going yet, but i had so many scraps left over
that i had to make another one...don't think i'll ever get sick of this design!

Monday, June 14, 2010

around here

just a peak of what's been going on around here,
including 1,342,672 projects

while he has been doing this,
 i've been up to all this:

garden still growing; beets are my new favorite veggie

old dresser revamp that i need to blog about:

another old dresser revamp that i need to DO:

felt flower headbands made with kelly:

another yellow zig zag quilt in the works:

starting a baby boy quilt; 
so excited to find the time to assemble this one.

old armoir revamp; brave? i know.

is this pre-nesting? because i like it.

oh, and my cracked iphone took another spill in the washer yesterday!
it was in my robe pocket when paisley threw up all over me.
like any frantic, grossed out mother, i ripped all my clothes and her clothes 
off our bodies and threw them into the wash. 5 minutes later, when it dawned on me,
i didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

but my bad fortune has turned good.
i went to replace it at the apple store today and apparantly i qualify for
an upgrade to the new iphone 4!
15 days and counting...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

so much

just to catch up on the life of my family lately 
in the form of old pictures:

noel moved to san antonio for a new job and a new apartment all for happy for her.
iowa 2004?

mark's birthday was last week. he would have been the big 30!
mark's BUDS graduation
is it bad that i think my brother is a hottie?

my dad's birthday was the next day.
i never really put together that i come from a military family.
grandpa? check.
dad? check.
brother? check.
husband? check.


 father & bride dance.
my wedding 2005.

i was once skinny and tan... sigh...
and look how happy my dad is:)

i do have so much more to catch up on.
next week: david's summer week break,
in-laws are coming to visit.
both their birthdays occur while here and father's day.
plus, i have been working on so many projects!!

will share soon...

Monday, June 7, 2010

more beach

the weather is finally warming up around here and that calls for major beach time!
we went over the long memorial day weekend and just played.

katie bingham

even the mister got some much needed sun.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 years in numbers

young, blonde, skinny, in-love

old, pregnant, burnette, still in-love

5 years of marriage

to 1 man.

2.5 children

4 moves

3 states

4 cars

3 jobs

13 nieces and nephews

1 bed

0 pets

3 cut up credit cards

did i miss anything?
happy anniversary habibi.