Thursday, January 27, 2011

a little love in our new home

have i mentioned that i'm still unpacking?
i'm lacking the motivation i need to finish,
but i was craving a little art project on sunday, since we were all home sick.
martha stewart to the rescue.
easy peasy
and we had all the materials. you probably do too.
ours turned out totally different, but i still think they are fun:

this is our front window. i finally have a place to hang my old curtains up.
my second sewing project ever.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hello kitty therapy

i've been kind of an emotional wreck lately.
i don't know if it's the new home, new environment, post-baby hormones or what, but
i just can't decide how to  divide my time. when i have SO much to do, i shut down and don't want to do anything. i crave watching reality TV and perusing blogs while drinking diet coke.
this is not good.

so at a moment of almost losing it, i gave in.
i gave into these adorable faces.
i plopped on the floor next to my three children and let them 
tattoo themselves to death all the while eating candy.
i didn't even limit their candy intake. 
it was bliss to see them so excited over something so small:

 paisley has been carrying around these hello kitty tattoos for some time now. along with her fake cell phone, a block she calls "dora," and her "buddy" (blanket)

 robot hello kitty

carter baby even got one on her edible chunk of a thigh

i love these moments.
forgetting about:
going to the gym
starting kelly's quilt
making valentine decos
preparing dinner
finding a doctor
register the car
 finding a preschool
cleaning my kitchen
meeting with nursing counselor
transferring medical records
and just enjoying silly moments with my precious rugrats.
remind me to do this more.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

iphone outtakes

something that never ceases to put a smile on my face is checking my
photos on my phone. no doubt, my children have been messing around on it without me knowing
and finding their "masterpieces" get me rolling!
i took these pictures, but the boy and the girl have a PBS app that they use to place
"stickers" on the pics.
 love how perfectly the people are placed over carter baby's girly parts.

 this pic is pretty old, but love the heart frame paisley girl!

and lastly, paisley took about 38 pictures of her doll on the floor. you can see her toes popping out from the corner of the photo. oh man, this makes me laugh!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

happy sunday {on a wednesday}

 on me:
shirt- shades
cardigan- target
skirt- thrifted- $2.00
shoes- target
belt- thrifted- $1.00

on carter:
dress- thrifted $2.25

Monday, January 17, 2011

for aunt shadda

so my aunt shadda sent the cutest tutu, onesie and headband for the carter baby.
it took a while for her to grow into the outfit, but she has, so here's the adorable results
aunt shawww-da:

i scored this vinage scale at an estate sale a couple years ago. 
finally put to use, and she weighs 14 lbs!

thanks shadda!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

her name is paisley and i can't get enough of her.

 this picture reminds me so much of noel when she was young. 
she used to pop her jaw out just like this.

those big brown eyes...
...and that gap between her two front teeth...
...after this photo shoot, we took a bath, and then continued:

 her new favorite jammies is one of my old softball t-shirts.
it's so cute how the shirt hangs on her little body.
 she's always had upside down traingles for nostrils...
 ...and those pudgy little fingers!
can't handle this growing girl of mine!

Friday, January 14, 2011

walnut grove-family pictures

so i promised some more of gena's eye candy.
this woman can take pictures.
i just oooh and ahhh every time i go through these,
not just because i love looking at my sweet family, but because her photos are brilliant!
the colors are just so vibrant and yummy.
this might be picture overload, but i couldn't narrow them down any more.
a couple notes before we begin:
*these were taken at a walnut tree grove in lompoc, ca
* carter is only like 4 weeks old in these pictures, so i'm still nice and "roundy/soft." lovely.
*the balloons were so fun to play with, but the wind wouldn't really cooperate.

love this outtake:

 one of my absolute favorites:

 my all time favorite. he is seriously the sexiest man alive in this picture:


and of course, once again, THANKS GENA!