Monday, January 25, 2010

The beginning of my mold story

I've avoided writing about my mold problems long enough. It's long and complicated and stresses me out. But it's only going to get longer and more complicated, so I need to catch up.

A couple mornings after we first moved into this house, I was sick. I threw up all day and couldn't shake my headache and nausea for a couple days. I though I had the flu withoutthe body aches. And maybe I did. A couple months later, paisley developed pneumonia out of nowhere. It was bad and it lingered longer than it should have. She had to have a couple follow up appointments and x-rays. That was a scare to have a child overnight in the hospital! All during this time, I had heard story after story about mold in my neighborhood homes and from people at church who moved out because their kids were always sick. I never REALLY listened because I never made a connection. Apparantly my neighbors daughter got pneumonia a couple months earlier as well. During our 5 months of living here, paisley has had a lot of runny noses and more than usual coughs. I've had depression and fatigue, but I had those before we moved into this house.

Early December, I found mold in a couple windowsills. I called the managing office and a manager and maintenece guy came out the next day to look them. They tested the moisture and said my windows were fine, and that they just needed to be cleaned and painted. Late December, a maintenece worker came out to clean the windowsills and they re-painted them as well.

To be continued...

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

a friend like her

before moving to monterey, david picked out our home.
he did a great job because we moved right nextdoor to my future best friend.
although david deserves some credit, i don't think this was coincidence.
sheryl is the kind of friend everyone needs.
she's laid back
she kind
she's willing to help
she eats junk food with me
then she makes me work it off by running with me
she watches my kids
she's spiritual
but most of all she's fun.
she's is down for anything at any time:

 an impromtu jumping in the ocean fully clothed in the middle of november:

going surfing in an even colder ocean during the end of november:

to the beach again in january,
thankfully no water this time:

sheryl really is a girl's best friend
and i'm so grateful for her!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

please spread this video

my neighbors and i have had quite the ordeal with mold in our homes. to make a long story short, our management team is not taking sufficient action, so WE are taking action to protect ourselves and children. please watch this you tube video and spread it around your blog you facebook.

mold is harmful

* edit note: this video has been removed due 
to some potential legal threats

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My son is straight

I'm watching the mister play basketball at his navy game ( so cute that he plays right?) and the boy is in love. Apparantly he likes the dark Latina type. The only time he can take his goo goo eyes off of the girl sitting next to us is when he's trying to impress her. How does he decide to do this?
. by jumping up and down on one foot as far as he can go, then looking back at her with his tongue hanging out of his mouth to see if she's watching him! I love it. He's totally trying to win over this 20 something woman with his gymnastic moves!

That's my boy!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my favorite cousin in the whole world got married

kara finally found her ben
and they are married!

here are a few images i caught with my phone:

on our way to the denver temple with my betsy johnson fuschia tights

the gorgeous couple who were elegantly handsy!

how beautiful is this woman?!?!?!

her bouquet was given to jen since she had a part in bringing these two together:

and my favorite touch of the reception was her vintage typewriter
for guests to write their well-wishes!
the day was beautiful, emotional, and spiritual, and fun!
to be in the temple and witness these two start their eternal lives together was uplifting and renewing to my own marriage.

i love you two!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cousin kara gets married!

I'm on my way home from a quick weekend trip to Denver for my cousins wedding. She was beyond beautiful, the Denver temple was gorgeous, and she and her Ben were all over eachother! I loved watching them goo and ga over eachother in anticipation of their future together... Reminded me so much of the mister and I 4.5 years ago.

I'm rejuvinated about love and am anxious to get back to my hubby and chicklens. They pick me up from the airport in 2 hours! I'm so lucky!

Congrats kara and Ben!

This is a test

Blogger needs an iPhone app where I can post pictures and blog from my phone!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

the last 10 minutes of 2009

was spent being silly with my sister.
the. best.