Tuesday, December 22, 2009

guess who's here for christmas?

little miss is simply obsessed with her auntie. she adores noel's every move and plays with her all day.

*paisley's hat was lovingly made by my SIL molly. so precious! check out her etsy shop!

this morning, we ran lover's point trail. it was oh so freezing and windy, but sunny and well worth it:

also, noel just graduated on friday with her masters in physical therapy! words can't express how proud i am of this sister of mine. she is smart and determined and humble! all this hard work for something she is crazy passionate about. not one complaint has come from her mouth of how hard it has been, especially charging on through a divorce along the way. she is amazing and i know she will be the best physical therapist. i grabbed her this necklace off etsy for her graduation present. small, dainty, simple and humble; just like her:


Annette said...

SooOoo cute - Noel looks so happy and Paisley, Miss Paisley looks so big - how did that happen? Have a wonderful time together!

The Bradley's said...

I love Auntie Noelie too! I'm so sorry to hear about she and Jared though I've suspected for quite sometime now. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas together! Does Noel still live in Austin?