Monday, October 4, 2010

40 wks 5 days

got this?
huge, right?

i am scheduled for an induction tomorrow morning.
although i'm relieved, i can't help but feel really uneasy as well.
my other two children came early and so naturally, that i just don't know what my body is doing?
i've had every sign of labor possible for the last 3 weeks, but no baby.
it makes me worried and i feel like there is something wrong with my body.
she is measuring so big and i don't think i can go any longer.
i have asked my doctor to break my water before we try pitocin.
hopefully that will kick start me enough to labor naturally, but i'm not holding my breath.
i'm trying to be prepared for anything tomorrow.
that means a 10 lb baby or a 6 lb baby?!

cross your fingers for me?


The Mathews Family said...

You know what's not natural? That your butt can look so fabulous when you're carrying around such a lovely belly like that! lol! You are such a gorgeous pregnant person I hope you know!

Tomorrow will go just the way it's supposed to... just enjoy the ride! I can't wait to see pictures of the newest Pruett baby!!! Good luck!

Mamie said...

Rowan came at 40 weeks 6 days. We started a pitocin drip on irregular contractions and although it took a few hours longer than I am used to, I was still able to make it natural. I would recommend it from my experience.

He was 9, 6oz.

So I feel ya'.

But don't worry. The baby is ready to come, just needs a bit of coaxing. Best wishes and lots of love.

Cami said...

You've done it twice before, you can do it again. I think you're doing great to be prepared for anything and just let happen what needs to happen. Best wishes for a healthy, happy baby and momma!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Shay! Good luck tomorrow!!

Anne said...

get that girl out!! good luck tomorrow. love you. can't wait to see her.