Friday, April 22, 2011

cruz/noel visit

let's start from the beginning of my slacking:
aunt noelie and jennifer drove a brood full of cousins in a mini-van from texas to georgia 
to visit us mid-march.

i barely took any pictures.
but we had a blast, like always.
shopping, eating, cooking, playgrounds, and a children's museum.
half way through the trip, noel flew home and uncle carlos flew in.

look how big miss cora belen is getting:
she's even taking violin lessons and practiced at my house like a good girl should. 

isn't she gorgeous?
and poised?

love this picture of the two of them.

a couple children's museum shots:

i love the adventures of traveling with the military,
but oh, how i miss my texas days with my sisters!
they truly were the best.
there's nothing like family.
especially two of the best seesters a girl could ask for.

thanks for visiting us!

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