Thursday, August 18, 2011

carter 10 months

my little baby hoo hoo is getting so big and with that, more smiles and some steps!
she was a little slow to start standing on her own, but she's gaining some ground now.

isn't this dress precious? i found it at a thrift store and it's hand embroidered with
 these cute little indian people. i love those one of a kind finds!

also new this month? after her two bottom teeth came in last month,
her FOUR top teeth are making there way out. poor baby has been pretty miserable.
but she's still just so sweet and cuddly and we are all so enamored by her.


Amanda and Steve said...

Wow! She really looks like a mix of her two older siblings. So darling!

Kelly said...

What an adorable dress. I can't even believe it... 10 months!?

Anne said...

carter looks just like cora in that first pic...what sweet kids you have.