Thursday, October 6, 2011

carter baby's birthday

it happened. she turned 1.
we now have all odd numbers in our home.
5 year old, 3 year old, and now a 1 year old.

last night was super low key.
we had just a couple friend over to share cupcakes with.
the carter baby wasn't feeling too hot, so she was pretty quiet
and couldn't care less about her candle or cupcake.

we finally got her to taste a little frosting,
but she was more interested in eating the cupcake liner!

 my sweet little girl just wanted to cuddle her daddy.

she got this new outfit in the mail from nana and some toys from grandma and grandpa pruett.
we sure feel blessed to have this sweet little soul in our family.
carter's  personality is more serious, but she is all smiles when daddy walks through the door.
she is 100% a daddy's girl!
carter is working on her eighth tooth and her first words so far are "applesauce" and "no"!

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The Lingo Family said...

she is so stinking cute. I cannot believe she is 1 already. I feel like you were just blogging about her birth like 5 minutes ago!! Where does the time go???