Thursday, November 10, 2011

spring bulbs

i know i mentioned that my dadis one amazing gardener.
to say he has a green thumb would be an understatement.
he recently sent me some pictures of his indoor garden. he just planted his spring bulbs and the way he presents them in his gorgeous antique pots, moss, and twigs is just breathtaking to me. 
take a look:

isn't his taste impeccable? someday, i will have my own garden as beautiful as his.
but in the meantime, i'm trying. and he has helped big time.
look what he had delivered right to my door step!!

300+ bulbs. a variety of daffodils, paperwhites, and tulips.

although my yard will look nothing like his, this spring will be beautiful around here.
i put david hard at work to dig holes for my hearty daffodil bulbs. 
it was so gratifying digging in the soil with my fingers and "sowing these seeds."

although i am LOVING this fall season, i can't wait to see the first signs of spring peek through my yard.
thanks dad so much! not only for the bulbs, but for the desire that you've given me to enjoy all things nature.

ps. david and i are leaving for a overnight getaway in T minus 5 hours! so excited!

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Kelly said...

I cannot wait to see these flowers in bloom. You have a great example of a green thumb in your dad. :)