Sunday, February 26, 2012

instagrams and some thoughts

- having money is amazing. spending our tax return is one of the best feelings ever. does that make me shallow? don't get me wrong, we paid off a good chunk of debt first (so close to being debt free!) and put some into savings. then we partied. we each got a chunk for ourselves to spend on whatever we fancied. i'll post my purchases later.

- hung wallpaper this week. it wasn't too hard, and the result is the sexiest room ever! now i need a                          bed skirt and some night stands for the guest room.

- had a much needed date night to sushi and clothes shopping for husband. during conversation we both agreed that the past 6 months have been one of the hardest of our marriage. not marriage-threatening hard, but just re-assessing how to meet each others needs and such. could this be the seven year itch? marriage is hard.

- haven't been doing so hot on ww. need to jump back on the wagon. this week baby! i want to get to a certain weight before my new york trip in april. that way clothes shopping will be less traumatic:)

- also planning a trip to virginia beach in may for memorial day. excited to see my brother and his family. also hoping to make it to arlington to see mark's grave.

- starting my third quilt on my list. after that's finished, i need to finish carter's and start one for paisley.

- daffodils are blooming everywhere and they make me so happy. remind me of my childhood in the perfect way.

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Kelly said...

I love looking at your photos and reading your thoughts. Oh how I miss you Shay Shay. xo