Monday, August 16, 2010

this too shall pass

and i'm so happy to report that it has.
my sweet boy is back.
and so am i as a mother.

it's interesting to see the phases that arise in parenthood.
not fun to be amidst them, but i have learned that everything passes.

the mister had a training day on saturday, so i took the children to a free kidfest 
at the monterey fairgrounds. they had a blast:

sunday was extra special. church (stake conference) gave me the spiritual confirmation that we are doing this parenthood thing right. i may not be perfect, but these children are growing with love around them and are being taught what is right and true in this world.

the boy was so snuggly all day:
this is why they call it the best job in the world:


to simplify my week, my only two goals are:
1- keep my house clean. like on top of it clean... all week.
2- potty-train the girl.

oh, and keep my sanitiy this time of course...


The Mathews Family said...

Choo Choo! All aboard the potty train. :o) I love that that is how you simplify. *wink* A busy girl after my own heart! Good luck to all this week!

The Mathews Family said...

Oh and I'm glad you felt some peace this weekend. We all can see that you are doing this parenting thing right. I think we're just way too hard on ourselves. I know for me at least I am. And I let "that bad guy" into my thoughts way too often when it comes to my role as a mother. You're wonderful!