Tuesday, December 14, 2010

playing catch up- noel and molly visit

let's play a little game called catch up.
saying that i have been busy these last couple weeks would be an understatement.
after bekah and noel came to visit,
my SIL molly and her boys came to visit as well.
all in the midst of packing up our home to move across the country.
even though i was stressed out of my mind, i had a blast and wouldn't change a thing.

first up was a visit to the aquarium:
jayden, paisley, asher, and kavi

this girl can't get enough of her new rain boots that were given to us by a friend:
thanks jamie!

 while noel was here, we hit my favorite thrift shop and totally scored!
too bad all the cute vintage dresses were in her size! 
here's my favorite:
isn't my sis adorable?

 some more pictures from church:

love how this accident turned out.

 shay, noel, carter, and molly

 paisley and asher

 and look how adorable jayden is with little miss carter.

to be continued...

1 comment:

Molly Bea said...

Makes us miss you! Hope your 'adventure' across the country is going well, and you are all enjoying that snow!