Monday, December 26, 2011

random photos catch up

since i've been such a slacker blogger the past couple months, i thought i'd post my favorite photos from november and december. most of them are from my phone.

p helping mommy dust the stairs

k baking cookies with his pet from school.
this was a project he was sent home with.

winter fuchsia tights.

carter baby getting into my succulents.

another school project for k. making indian hats.

my new favorite meal. stuffed spaghetti squash.
this recipe is loaded with veggies and is a total food-O!

breakfast during thanksgiving weekend with noel and jennie.

aunt noelie with her angel's of love!

my sailor loading up our free christmas tree from "trees for troops."

my girls.

precious p baby napping with me in my bed.

the kids' tree. i let them have total control over decorating it.
(except for the lights.)

paisley's new skinny jeans from nana.

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