Wednesday, December 28, 2011

guest dresser

so our guest room needed a little help. i've had a vision since we first moved into this house, but not the funds if you know what i mean. i matched the wall color to compliment this amy butler wallpaper that i'm in love with. it will cover one wall behind the bed when i can afford it.

meanwhile, i needed a dresser. after a couple months of craigslist scowering and garage sale sifting, i finally found one with some great lines. and the best part? 20 dolla-make-you-holla!!!
i found it at a garage sale and it definitely needed some love.

i knew i needed to keep it simple since the wallpaper will be pretty bold and that paint color turned out a little bright for my taste. so i just went with a dark grey and sprayed the hardware white. big difference, huh? like i said, i LOVE the lines of this beauty.

next up? some white bedding, black frames, and wallpaper!!!

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The Lingo Family said...

love it. the wallpaper is amazing, cannot wait to see it all finished!