Friday, April 22, 2011

our first home

we closed on our house today!
as in, like, 4 hours ago!
i can't believe it really happened.
i feel so blessed and grateful for my husband to have a stable job and income.
signing paperwork at closing kind of stressed me out with all the numbers,
but i have calmed down now and am ready to enjoy our first place.

here we are today out front:

these are pictures i took last month before they painted the inside.
it's totally different with my colors on the walls.
i'm sure it'll be a while till i get all unpacked and ready to post photos.

when we first moved to georgia, we decided to rent for the first year to get to know the area and such, but we found a neighborhood that we absolutely loved! one day we decided to just look at the houses. we walked through 5 or so with the realtor on site and when we walked into this one, david and i both felt so good about it. it was weird, we both knew it was "our" house. i've never had that feeling before. we loved it and we didn't want to look anymore.  i still didn't think we'd get it though. it was a little out of our price range, and we were still locked into our rental agreement. with a lot of hard work
(mostly from david) we were able to find new renters, and crunch the numbers to buy our first home. we got an amazing deal with TONS of incentives, including me picking 5 paint colors of my choice! also, we were able to move in 2 weeks before the closing date since we had found renters to take over our lease. ah-mazing! we have some great friends around the corner and others in the neighborhood as well.

i'm so happy and am just full of gratitude!

now, anyone wanna come visit us?


Becca said...

Gotta love that "this is our house" feeling :)

Jessica said...

wow! what a pretty home! CANT WAIT to see what you do with the place. it is bound to be gorg!

Kristina said...

your house is beauti-mos! YOu must be ecstatic. awesome. couldn't be happier for you guys. it seems only a short time ago that things were up in the air with you guys. How quickly you have gotten to stability! WOW! YEA!

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

LOVE IT!!! I love the outside and the inside! It is so open and spacious. I love the brick outside. Such a cute house!!! I'm so happy for you guys.

The Owen Family said...

I LOVE IT... it is beautiful! Congratulations....definetly post after you get set up I am curious to see the colors you picked!

Bingham Family said...

It's all right but you had sweeter digs in Monterey.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your house and I cannot wait until it is decorated, I know you will do an AMAZING job!! :) xoxo

The Lingo Family said...

So very exciting. Congratulations!!!!! Cannot wait to see the fun paint colors and the fabulous way you choose to decorate. :)

Anne said...

i am so happy for you...and it's gorgeous!

Lei said...

Yay! Congrats. All that new space to color and speckle with your creativity! Can't wait to see!!!

Amanda and Steve said...

I love it! Especially because it look like a Georgia house. You know how every region has their own look? And I happen to like that look.

m.dahl said...

Beautiful house! Congratulations!!