Monday, May 2, 2011

for my journal

dear journal,
i want to jot down what i was doing last night when this historical event took place. i remember the details of the day mark died so vividly. i don't want to forget last night either.

the kids were in bed. david was on the floor looking through our movie collection deciding what movie to watch as i was finishing up a blog post. i quickly checked facebook and saw a couple status updates about bin ladens death. i yelled out to david and gave him the computer to find a live news feed. we watched our president announce that after nearly ten years of war, we had found and killed osama bin laden. i got emotional. my mind of course went straight to mark. i texted my older brother brandon. no answer when i called him either. david and i tried to find out more information online, but this was fresh news, so there weren't many details yet. i looked at david and said, "it was the SEALs." 

a little while later, i went out in the backyard to try to get cell phone service. it was late and dark and calm. the breeze was blowing, the bugs chirping, a perfect spring night. i sat down and cried. they were grateful tears. grateful for the justice in this world and in the next life. grateful for the hard work & sacrifice of so many people to get to this point. grateful for mark and his spirit that still lives. i could hear his chuckle in my head. i wondered what he would be saying right then.

david and i stayed up for quite a while longer. maybe till 1am. we were pumped up. we kept speculating about all the behind the scenes details that went on behind this operation. 

this morning, i woke up. talk to my dad and finally brandon. more emotions. found out that it was SEAL team six. more emotions. 

i knew it was them.
and i've never been more proud.


The Mathews Family said...

And as I'm bawling I just read this out loud to Nate. I thought of you and your family when I heard the news. One day when I finally get to meet your brother I am going to give him a great big hug and thank him for his sacrifice. And in the meantime... I can tell you thank you so much. My thoughts are with you always when we talk of our true heroes. It's an amazing blessing being an American!

shalynn said...

thanks jessica for the kind words. you're so sweet:)

Kelly said...

I have been doing some bragging lately about your brave brother. I am so proud and can only imagine how excited you must have been to hear the news. Go SEALs!