Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a smocked easter

i didn't have to buy new easter dresses for the girls.
just so happened to have these smocked beauties lying around.
both thrifted.
both in amazing condition.
paisley's was actually brand new and hand made in peru.
carter's was a light linen with smocked bunnies.
how lucky did i get?

 these are our new gray walls by the way ::: in. love.

we had a great easter.
tried to really teach the children about our savior and the resurrection.
hopefully it sunk in a little.
i'm so grateful for these little humans in my life.
they are so precious.
none of it would be possible without the sacrifice of jesus christ.


Kelly said...

What precious little ones you have Shay. I cannot wait until the next time I get to squeeze them!

m.dahl said...

Love the dresses! The kids are so adorable!