Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloweenie- OZ style

halloween 2009
wizard of oz

the scarecrow                the tin man

dorothy           the cowardly lion

the boy, trick-or-treating with his friends

all costumes were handmade this year, although not all by me.
dorothy: i happened to have the material laying around so i sewed the dress, added rick rac to a onesie, and bough the shoes at target-$12.
lion: this fabulous costume is in it's fourth year and was made by my quilting mentor, my SIL's mom.
scarecrow: shirt-$5, pants-$5, rope-$2, hat- made with felt i already had, straw ties-$6
tin man: funnel-$1, gray sweats-already had, spray paint- $3, hand made axe, face paint- $2, clock heart-made of felt


hannaclearwater said...
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deeder6 said...

So incredibly cute!!! You are so talented!

The Lingo Family said...

Cute. Cute times a thousand.

Molly Bea said...

So funny that we were going to do the Wizard of Oz also this year! But...it just didn't happen :)(ie the lion costume from last year was too small for Ash and I had a perfectly good shark costume lying around!)

Angela said...

Love the costumes!