Thursday, February 9, 2012


instagram is obviously my new favorite app. i love my real camera, but there's something about picking up my phone to snap a quick picture in the moment. you see, my phone is ALWAYS on me, and my camera is usually upstairs, or somewhere else inconvenient. i really treasure these snapshots. 
in other news:

- husband got his old schedule back. yay for days!!
- tax return should be here any day. par-tay!
- k had his first (and hopefully last) lesson in stealing. toys from school.
- didn't run for over a week and felt it when i resumed. i really need to keep that consistent.
- i'm craving a vacation. to new york.
- i have really great friends here and i count myself really lucky.
- scarlett's quilt is almost done!
- i have so many projects in my head that it hurts.
- husband put me on a tight budget. it's about time we crack down, although it'll be excruciating.


Jordan said...
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Miranda-Jayne said...

Shaylynn! You are so stinkin cute..and I'm loving Carter's Sunday jacket and your stencil wall. I need to get me some of those!

Nicole Trettin said...

Shalynnnnnnn- first of all, I love Carter's outfit with the coat and headband, she is so glamorous! Second, you are one HOT MAMA! :)

Amanda and Steve said...

You are looking thin! Good work!