Saturday, February 18, 2012

scarlett olivia

i don't have any words for how precious my new niece is.
david's sister, jackie birthed a perfectly beautiful, sweet, baby girl and we are so excited for her!

here's her quilt in the works:

and here it is finished:

once again, my pictures are way off. i had to take them at night so i could send it off early the next morning. sorry! the colors are so amazing in person. all of the fabrics are from my scrap pile and i love the mix of patterns! jackie isn't too girlie, so i hope she likes a baby girl quilt that's more diverse than purple or pink.

i found the backing fabric at joanns and quilted it myself with simple straight lines.
the binding is a coral color with small white dots.

i know i always say how much i enjoy making each quilt, and this one was no different.
in fact, there's something about going through my scrap fabric that makes me really happy. i can look at each square in this quilt and remember what past quilt i used that fabric for. and each past quilt brings memories of what i was doing in my life at that time and who i was making them for. i love that.

so here's to jackie and sweet baby scarlett.
love, your aunt shay shay

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