Wednesday, March 14, 2012

our park routine

winter here in georgia has been so mild. somedays i miss a little cold, but it's been really nice for our workout routine. husband and i pack the kids in the wagon or stroller and walk to our neighborhood park. from there, i take off on my run while they all play. then when i come back, david takes off for his run while i play with the kids at the park. it's the perfect plan and i love it. the girls could be pushed on those swings for hours and hours. especially when daddy does it.

this particular day, husband decided to take off the boy's training wheels on his bike. there's an empty parking lot right there between the park and the pool. he caught on in like 5 seconds. i knew he would. that boy is so coordinated, it's ridiculous. we are so proud of him and he loves riding like a big boy. he still needs a little work with turning and braking, but is perfecting it everyday. 

go my kavi boy!


Brittny Pruett said...

Kavi is adorable on that bike!

Variable said...

your kiddies are adorable!!!

The Mathews Family said...

That's so smart that you and your hubby swap running/kid duty. See that's the sign of motivated people. We've been enjoying the park a lot here in Utah, except I just sprawl out on the grass like a beached whale soaking in the Vitamin D. LOL! You are looking fabulous my dear! And please, tell me, when you get a moment would you mind sending me some of your extra energy? Your house is coming together so beautifully... I need some of that motivation!

Nicole Trettin said...

That is such a fun routine! :)