Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring around here

i've been such a bad blogger.
instagram is taking me over and one photo seems to be enough to connect me to the world, 
instead of 10 and lots of writing. but i must force myself to document our life in this tiny spot of mine. i don't want to forget how creative and darling my kids are right now. their smiles each day and clever conversations continue to melt my heart. watching them grow and learn and explore their curiosities is the best thing that's ever happened to me. 

dress up

bedtime stories


spring is in full bloom and our yard is filled with daffodils. we planted the bulbs in the fall after my dad sent me a ton. there's nothing more satisfying than reaping what you sow.

my lunches don't always look like this, but they should.


husband spent "his play tax" money on a play station 3. i promised that it was guiltless money for us each to spend, so i try not to judge him. but man do i hate that thing.

K never gets to old to cuddle.

trying to finish the living room by adding pillows.

she cuddles me everyday for naps. bliss!

here's to trying to blog more...

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