Friday, June 15, 2012

another letter to the children :: a father's day post

dear kavi, paisley, and carter,
you are such lucky children. you have a father who loves you so much. he is very present in your lives and watches each of you grow with such admiration. he smiles as soon as he walks in the door from work and is greeted by his children running up to him. he hugs each of you and picks up carter to kiss her over and over again. he plays with you. he changed each of your diapers when you were babies. he wipes boogers and cleans up yucky spills.  he takes you on walks around our neighborhood and rents the latest pixar/disney movies for you and watches them with you. he takes you on individual daddy dates when you fill your sticker chart. he works hard for our family and always makes sure that we are taken care of. he loves your mommy and he took such good care of me when each of you were in my belly. he cried when each of you were born and held you with such pride. i couldn't imagine you having a better daddy. 

last week, you all got sick. paisley threw up around 10 am, then kavi at 7:00 pm. paisley, you were so lathargic and worn out, and weak from being so sick. every time you threw up, daddy would run to your side and rub your back. he then wiped your mouth and gave you water. at night time, we set up beds for you guys on the floor in our room with bowls and paper towels on hand. i finally fell asleep after worrying about the little sleep we'd all be getting and if carter would get sick too.

in the middle of the night, i heard your father calling my name from carter's room.
i got out of bed and walked to carter's room to see your father holding you, carter, and you were covered in throw up. he was smiling and telling me how cute you are, even when your covered in throw up. he tenderly undressed you as i drew a bath. as i watched him take care of you so gently and lovingly, i started to cry. he wasn't mad that it was the middle of the night, or that he had to change ALL your crib bedding, or that he was losing sleep, but he was loving the extra time caring for you. then he wrapped you up in a warm towel and cleaned it all up as i dressed you. you were so happy despite not feeling well and for about an hour, your dad and i adored every minute with you. 

when it was time to go back to sleep, he offered to sleep next to you on the floor of brother's room so i could go sleep next to brother and sister. we made a bed for the both of you, with a bowl and towels, and he tenderly sang to you as i went back to bed. 

kavi, i hope you're just like your father when you grow up and become a dad.
paisley & carter, marry a man who will take care of your children, JUST like your daddy did for you.
i love your dad. we're are so lucky. never forget that.

happy father's day my love.


Winn Family said...

um...this made me cry. David--you're a good daddy!

Jessica said...

Shalynn,that was the best father's day tribute I've ever read. What a good mom and wife and David is really a great dad. Your kids will love love love this!

jamie said...

Love it!