Monday, July 9, 2012

ombre lovin :: a dresser redo

this revamp is so old, but i'm in the mood to catch up just a little.
i don't know why i've been in such a blogging funk and i don't care to explore it or apologize either so here it goes:

i'd been looking for a tall dresser for husband's clothes for a while 
when i came across this beauty at a garage sale for $20. 

and here's my version of the ombre trend that is everywhere right now.
i just used small acrylic craft paints so it was super cheap.
i had kind of a difficult time getting all the shades just right, but with that cheap of paint, i could afford my trial and error. i also kept the old hardware to save money and just spray painted them white.

are you into ombre yet? or already bored of it?

1 comment:

Nicole Trettin said...

I am in love with ombre... I don't think I will ever be over it!!! :)