Thursday, September 13, 2012

a new school year

it happened. i sent my littles off to school.
they've both experienced preschool and k's been to pre-k, but this year was different.
kavi is in the REAL school system. AND he's riding the bus. this is a whole new chapter for us and new territory for me. all summer long, i was super excited, but when the day actually came, i got a tad teary-eyed, but not much. it helps that he absolutely LOVES school. he has so much to tell me about everyday and that brain of his is soaking in every minute of information. it's so rewarding to watch.

k and his bud bridger. 
they ride the bus together (along with other neighbor friends) and 
their classrooms are right across from each other.

miss p goes to a baptist preschool 3 days a week for 4 hours. she LOVES it as well.
her teachers are sweet older southern bell ladies. i'm fortunate to be able to carpool with two other moms, so i only drive and pick up once a week. can you tell she feels so big?

after her first day, i picked her up and took her for some ice cream. 
this girl is the middle child ya know; she needs alone time with mommy more than the others:)

sometimes i miss that boy of mine now that he's gone all day long, but he was meant for school.
he comes home so happy and full of stories and more knowledge. he can be a pill for me, but he's such a good boy in a classroom setting. he's made friends, does homework happily, and is just learning about the world. i love to watch him grow, and learning to read is so fun! needless to say, i'm proud of him.

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