Friday, September 14, 2012

carter kristine

this sweet baby girl has got us all wrapped around her little finger.
she is so cuddly and has the same quirkiness as her two older siblings.
and she wants to be exactly like them, so she often mimics their every move.
her smile will melt your heart, but her stink-eye is deathly. she's not too fond of strangers, or even friends really. she plays "hard to get" all the time. her curls are beyond amazing and you'll often see her swiping her bangs out of her eyes unless mommy braids her hair. she LOVES bows and sitting on daddy's lap to eat cereal. she's learning her body parts and loves to get her nails painted.
she is our little baby hoo-hoo.


Jessica said...

You forgot her "Bowgo". That's funny.

Winn Family said...

ha ha--not to fond of strangers, or friends really--ha ha! that's funny! also, her profile pic with the braid in her hair is my FAVORITE! She's so precious!