Saturday, January 19, 2013

color run savannah 5k

noel's friend, victoria, flew into town and we drove down to savannah to 
run in the 5k color vibe.
another one of noel's ideas...
she pushes me to do things i wouldn't normally do and i love it.
it was truly a blast. we drove the three hours pretty early in the morning and got stuck in traffic right before the event behind a vehicle accident. we panicked a little when we were 30 min late, but turns out, other people were too and they had various start times, so we were all good. we ran the whole thing. not gonna lie, 3 miles still kicks my butt.

here's our before and after shots:

we were so gross afterwards, and had no where to change. we wanted to explore savannah for the afternoon, so we took turns holding up towels for each other as we changed by the car. that was humorous. good thing we brought baby wipes to wipe the sweat soaked chalk off.

savannah is gorgeous and so charming.
we found a yummy hole in the wall place to grab lunch and then explored the historical downtown.
after we were walking around like zombies, about to fall asleep, we stopped for some gelato and a live band. heaven. then we drove home. of course noel wanted to stop at every cute place on the side of the road, but she limited herself to one cotton field. aren't they gorgeous? i would love to have a photo shoot there! fun times, amazing company, good food, the end.

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Winn Family said...

I love that SOOOOOO BAD!!!!! Good Job! you're awesome!!!