Sunday, October 25, 2009

from my view

sunday evening.
i'm plopped in the corner of my couch 
and this is what i see:

 these guys cuddling to this movie:

well, david isn't really watching,  he's reading some nerdy book on his iPhone that is driving me nuts.
he's been reading it all weekend, thus neglecting other things.
like me.

i'm finishing the:

on this quilt
over analyzing my new:

it's driving me nuts. because it's just not right.

what else is driving me nuts? i still can't find my memory card for my camera 
so all my pictures are from my phone. ugh!

1 comment:

The Mathews Family said...

Except for that your collage wall looks perfect! That's the thing that I am absolutely not good at... hanging up pictures. I can't ever commit so I just don't do it! ;o)
Oh... the cd is called Baby Mine (Classic Songs For Bedtime). The song is track #2 and is called 'My Darling'. You can find it at Deseret Book. The whole album is so good and makes me want to snuggle my baby's forever. Love it! Here's the link...