Thursday, October 15, 2009

a wednesday night

my marriage is in no way perfect.
in fact i think it's pretty normal, we have great months, then a not so great month...
but last night was bliss. for some reason everything just flowed.
the mister watched the children while i made dinner, all in between smiles and flirting.
the children were happy, and my home felt so peaceful.
after the mister fixed my vacuum (hallelujah) we sat down to a clean table with a yummy dinner on top.

the recipe is divine. find it here 

the kids ate their noodles and david looked 
to me and said,

wait for it...

wait for it..........

"this is REALLY good!"
i almost cried. you see my husband isn't like normal men in the food department. he's picky. i mean REAL picky. it felt so good to please his tastebuds. 
the rest of the night was just as charming:

cuddled to watch the mentalist
took a video of the children dancing
sewed a little more
read stories
children in bed
read scriptures in bed
laughed ourselves to sleep over a joke about geishas?!

i wish every night ran this smooth. 


Lei said...

Andrew and David are one in the same! So that would have made me feel good too, and it definitely would have set a divine evening in motion!!!

Noel said...

I'm impressed. I have to try that recipe!

Angela said...

I KNOW David IS picky isn't he! When he lived across the street from us, oh man, it was so difficult! He usually ended up eating a piece of bread or cereal! Silly taste buds of Davids!