Friday, February 19, 2010

the big bang

last month we pulled into the parking lot of a BBQ joint to grab some
 take-out with the in-laws.
while grandma was ordering inside, we all waited in the car.
 then the boy decided he wanted to go inside too. he jumped out of the car and ran full force to meet grandma. except he didn't see the glass door in between them!
he hit the door with his head and fell backwards. it was the loudest bang!
adrenaline rushed in and i ran to him as fast as possible. i was seriously prepared for blood, knocked out teeth, or a broken nose
because the door was completely cracked up and down.
the crack's orgin was right at the level of his head.
he stood up and nothing.
no blood
no bruise
nothing broken

he screamed for about 2 minutes, but quickly calmed down when the store manager brought him a sucker.

talk about traumatic huh?


The Mathews Family said...

Holy Cow! And uh... remember in about 12 years how grateful you are today for his hard head. He He... :o)

Annette said...


Anne said...

so he really made that huge crack in the door?? holy cow.

Noel said...

It never ceases to amaze me--the resiliency of kids heads. Had I done that, I think I would have been brain dead! Miss you this weekend.:-)

Bingham Family said...

I laugh everytime I hear that story. Miss you and the kids. I can't wait to get back to normalacy (is that a word) it is now. Miss you!

Angela said...

Did you have to pay for that???

That is amazing there was no hurt! We just went through stitches.

Tara said...

holy cow!! I can't believe he didn't have a scratch on him, that's hilarious and tramatic all at the same time.

Lei said...

oh no. just what are these boys made of, anyway?