Sunday, April 11, 2010

happy (belated) easter

our only easter decorations came in the form of food storage; which produced wheat grass.

beautiful wheatgrass i might add. so easy and the perfect filler for my antique McCoy pots.
i love these pots with a passion. my dad has given me each one and i will cherish them forever. aren't they the most charming pots you've ever seen?
speaking of love; how big are my lovies getting? we really enjoyed easter as a family this year.
 along with the candy, silliness, and easter bunny, we focused on our Savior and the real meaning of easter for our family; HIS atonement. we feel so blessed to know of this, and i'm honored to be a mother who gets to teach these little ones of Christ's great sacrifice.
oh, and the easter bunny stopped by for me too. surprised with me with a REAL camera. this one to be exact. what a nice bunny, i think he even gave up on his flat screen tv for it.


Jessica said...

lucky duck! a camera, how fun is that! i got jipped in the bunny department! lovely pots, cutie kids!

Anne said...

so cute...and paisley looks exactly like you.

The Mathews Family said...

Oh what a FUN camera! I expect lots and lots of pictures now, my dear! *wink* So that grass is so pretty. How do you sprout your wheat??? One of my friends that moved away posted on her blog their kids easter baskets. They sprouted wheat in those and the baskets were so adorable! Definitely know what I'll be using my wheat on next year that's for sure! Beautiful kids. Beautiful pots. Beautiful mama!

Variable said...

those pots are beautiful! I love antique ceramics in colors like those-- so precious