Thursday, April 8, 2010

sewing our seeds

a couple weeks ago, we kicked it into high gear over here.
sheryl and i went to home depot. we came back with these cut boards and our sweet husbands turned them into these garden beds:
and our seeds have since then turned into these:

the children loved planting each seed, and did so with such care:

the boy batman thought he was so cool and this activity proved to be some 
special daddy-son bonding.

we planted everything for salsa, salads, and more.
the boy cannot get enough of watering and checking his sprouts.

we are so excited to see what our hard labor produces!


Amanda and Steve said...

Good for you! We'll be planting our garden after finals are over in a few weeks and I am finished with work. I can't wait! (We're also doing a raised-bed garden.)

The Mathews Family said...

Awesome! I so want to SFG but don't want to commit to the initial investment if we're only here for a few years. So we just plant the bare necesseties here and there. Garden boxes are so pretty to look at and produce TONS of food! I can't wait to see what you harvest. Please satisfy this girls visual needs and post pictures of your garden along the way!!! (Pretty please!) :o)

Annette said...

We are sprouting in Winnebago too! Missing you millions!!!!