Monday, April 19, 2010

thrifty beach quilt

i'm finally back in the groove of things, and all i want to do is quilt! 
i've collected a few vintage fabrics from thrift stores in the form of sheets or pillowcases. 
some of them are so fun retro, i can't even stand it. 
i thought these fabrics would be perfect for a throw quilt for the beach or the park. 
ya know, something that can get dirty.
here's my start. we'll see what i can get done before this weekend...
my sisters and mom are coming to town for a girl's week!


The Mathews Family said...

Gorgeous! And you're so creative that I can NOT wait to see what nesting is like for you! LOL! Have such a fun weekend with the girls.

The Lingo Family said...

Super Cute!!! Love it.

Annette said...

Have fun with the girls!! I miss you like crazy!!