Monday, November 22, 2010


once upon a time, i worked in a tiny pizza shop.
i was a freshman in high school and it was my first job.
and my favorite job ever!
the owner, my boss, was a sweet old french man with a slight temper.
i loved him and all my co-workers.
i made gourmet pizza and bread sticks drenched in butter and parmesan.
it was the best pizza in town.
as soon as i got my drivers license, i delivered these pizzas all over town.
i zoomed up and down the streets of lompoc in my white honda civic.
i was good.
like, really good.
my best friend got a job with me, and i dated one of my co-workers.
it was the best. we all had a blast and would stay late, or hang out afterwards.
plus, i made so much money; enough to enjoy high school  shopping sprees and save money for europe.

last weekend, i went back to my old stomping grounds to show off my cute family.
i hadn't been there in 6 years. 
it's exactly the same
and so was my boss, andre.
andre greeted me with a huge hug and just adored my children.
he helped them make their own bread sticks and fed us till we were stuffed.

 my little chefs:

i'm still a pro!

 paisley, me, andre, david, & kavi. carter not pictured

i have such good memories from this place and all the people there. 
it was a blast to visit again with david and my kiddos.
i'll always be thankful for bravos pizza!


Amanda and Steve said...

What a neat post! I felt like I was reliving your memory with you. That was so great of Andre to have the kids help cook and wear cute hats. I don't think I would have the same good time if I took my family back to Taco Bell or Hogi Yogi where I worked in college. But I can still fold a mean burrito!

Variable said...

BRAVOs is definitely the best pizza in Lompoc!And you were certainly the foxy delivery girl

Annette said...

love this post shay! what a great experience for you and your family and i can tell that andre was pretty happy to have you there!!