Saturday, November 27, 2010

saturday night thoughts

~only 13 days until we blow this joint. our pod is 1/4 packed and there is so much more to do.

~before the move, we still have 2 visitors! noel comes on wed and molly a couple days later! woo hoo!

~we've been packing a lot this weekend, but all i want to do is puzzles! is that nerdy or what? give me 1000 piece puzzle and some pretzel m&m's, and i'm in heaven.

~speaking of heaven, this little girl is it:

she's growing cuter each day and it makes me want to burst inside. each time 
those brown eyes stare at me, i melt with love.


~ our family photos are up! find them here: she's uh-mazing. 
an amazing photographer and an amazing woman!

~ i'm watching CNN heroes. an awards show for real heroes. bawling my eyes out 
for good people who do good things.

~ so grateful for a thanksgiving meal with warm friends.
so grateful for my life.


Noel said...

can't wait to see you baby!

Annette said...

holy cow - great pics! in love with paisley and the purple balloon! and you look incredible! i CAN'T wait to see you this holiday!!!!!