Saturday, December 4, 2010

bekah lo

once upon a time, i went to high school.
and just like every other girl, i had a close group of friends.
amanda was the sweet one,
nicole was the sassy one,
bekah was the funny one, 
karen was the smart one,
kelly was the athletic one,
{i really don't know which one i was now that i think about it}

i love that almost all these girls have come to visit me while living in california.
bekah was my latest visit, and nothing has changed:
she is still the funny one and was cracking me up the whole time!

 she also brought gift for my kids,
and played chutes and ladders with them.
how cute is that?
my children loved her!

thanks for taking the time to visit us bekah,  it was so good to see you!


Anonymous said...

you were the silly one! duh!!!

bekah. said...

you were the crafty one! i love that i got to make an appearance on your blog, and in real life. i love your little family and am so glad i got spend the day with you and your precious little nuggets.