Tuesday, December 14, 2010

playing catch up- the ranch

so while molly was here, she took her kids and mine to her friend's ranch in salinas.
i wish i could have gone, but 
it was so nice because i packed and painted the whole day while they were gone.
here's their day in pictures:

apparently, this ranch is a dream come true for little boys. they came home so dirty and exhausted! paisley on the other hand, hated the animals and poor molly was stuck holding her all day. aren't these pictures priceless? thanks molly, for the memories for the cousins, and for helping me move!


Noel said...

Does Asher just not melt your little heart in the pic of him holding the little chick. My goodness..can not handle the cuteness! What a fun day for Molly and the kids!

Molly Bea said...

We loved every minute:) thanks for letting us crash your move!...

Anonymous said...

The little one with the chick is such a carter! :) I love looking at all your pictures of these kids and family... I wish I could see you all! :) xoxo