Sunday, January 2, 2011

the eve of christmas

the stewarts hosted our christmas eve family gathering.

brandon prepared delish prime rib
while we all dug into fabulous appetizers.


the children's imaginations soared as they watched polar express

and the adults indulged in a game of risk
for as long as i can remember, my brothers and dad have played this game every year at christmas.
noel broke tradition this year and bravely took her place at the game table as the first female ever to participate---and she kicked their butts!

 me and my double chin snoozed with the babe
 (don't judge annette's couches; she's married to the furniture nazi)

it was the perfect evening, filled with food, family, and fun.
this year, christmas was very layed back for our family.
all of this moving and such wiped me out clean. not much energy for anything
extravagant, but santa did come...

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